How Stained Concrete Floors Can Elevate Any Room

Just as painting a room is any sure way to change its look and dynamic, new floors can achieve the same thing. Every room in your home can be instantly transformed with decorative stained concrete floor designs from Concrete Craft® to bring the “wow” factor into your home with show-stopping floor finishes.

  • Vibrant stain colors with rich, long-lasting, fade-resistant color
  • Layering colors for dramatic effects
  • Borders and stenciled designs for intricate patterns and artistic details
  • Variegated or marbled effects


Make your spaces feel bigger with lighter floor colors that enhance the feeling of spaciousness

Lighten up!

Replacing darker flooring with soft neutrals that shine and bounce light will make your rooms look and feel bigger. It’s a great way to unite floors that have different finishes into one expansive space, such as a kitchen and dining room. A decorative concrete overlay can cover up any damage to the concrete subfloor after removing old flooring like carpet, tile, and damaged hardwood and present a smooth, fresh surface for a durable and beautiful stained concrete finish. Stained concrete floors stay clean with dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping, no heavy scrubbing is required to keep dust and dirt from collecting in corners and along baseboards.

  • Acid-based concrete stains create an elegant, marble-look finish.
  • Light gray floors are peaceful and cool, compatible with multiple décor styles, including minimalist, industrial chic, and boho.
  • Colorful furniture and accessories pop against neutral floor colors and you can change accents and colors without worry of conflict with the floor color.

Pursue elegance with darker floors

A dark floor gives a room a powerful and dramatic edge, full of contrast against light-colored walls and furniture pieces. Contrast is important for a harmonious balance of light and dark, so don’t choose your stained concrete floor color based on an empty room, consider all the furnishings you’ll be using to ensure that the overall effect matches the broader style and feel you want to achieve. Darker floor colors can make a room feel cozy and personable, adding a touch of intimacy to a family room, man cave, or bedroom, with accessories that glam up the space.


Layer on texture and color to enhance the richness of a dark floor with a warming and comfortable ambiance

  • Use more than a two-color decorating scheme to soften the obvious contrast of dark floors and light walls and ceiling.
  • Attractive furniture, colorful artwork, stylish lighting, and window coverings that let your dark floors remain in the background will keep the room interesting.
  • Repeat the concrete floor color in furnishings like picture frames, shelves, art, and rugs that tie all the colors together.

A shout out for color

With custom concrete stain colors, you can turn any room into a statement space with colors that you love but that may not be suitable for your main flooring. Laundry rooms, bathrooms, sunrooms, entryways, and even bedrooms can be personalized with bright concrete stains to create havens of color. If color is what gets you up in the morning and energizes you through the day, you may prefer flooring with a power kick! Colorful concrete stains can add pizzazz to any room to make it your own special place, setting the tone and anchoring the rest of the space.CC-10-14-3

Color has the strength to evoke mood and alter a sense of space whether for a calming effect or to energize

  • Blues and greens in their myriad shades are restful and calming, with luxurious overtones in the darkest shades.
  • Red is dynamic and stirs up excitement, transforming a dreary room into a very memorable space and, in a kitchen, increases appetite.
  • With white walls and accents, rich colors look crisp and striking, enlivening any room.

Go with pattern to enchant the eye

Stenciled decorative concrete is a way to bring unique and stunning impact to stained concrete floors. With the right combination of patterns and colors, a stenciled floor can be all you need to add a designer touch to your space with a rug design or medallion in the entryway or stenciled patterns and textures for a dazzling kitchen floor. Stencil effects include applying color directly to the concrete, creating a raised, embossed pattern with a thin concrete overlay, or etching designs into the concrete.


Hide imperfections, create a lovely focal point in your home, or just add a dose of beauty to your space for very little cost

  • Stencils come in a variety of popular patterns, including starbursts, entwined vines, brick, tile designs, stone, contrasting borders, flowers, rosettes, diamond shapes, and more.
  • The sealed stenciled design becomes a permanent element of the overall floor treatment and will retain its color and beauty for years.
  • Mix and match complementary motifs to create new and unique patterns for a one-of-a-kind stained concrete floor.

Beautiful, blended browns

Brown in every hue has long been one of the most popular decorating colors for floors, currently sharing the number one slot with gray and all its variations. From the lightest browns like beige, linen, and flax to chocolate, mahogany, and espresso, brown flooring possesses rich earthly qualities that are warm and enveloping. Its versatility makes it compatible with every style: classic, traditional, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial chic. Custom stained concrete floors in brown are resplendent in solid colors or blending two or more colors for marbling effects or to add authenticity to stamped concrete wood plank designs.


Stained concrete floors let you enjoy the look of wood in rooms where real wood isn’t practical due to moisture or extremely heavy use

  • Shades of blue and brown are a peaceful fusion of colors that seamlessly meld traditional and modern for sleek, trendy-forward décor.
  • Metallic accessories complement any shade of brown stained concrete, and mixed metals invite an eclectic décor with wood furniture and mid-century modern pieces.
  • White wakes up any shade of brown, just add in enough color accents to spice up the two neutrals.

Stained concrete floors, the right foundation for your home

Your floors are an important element to reflecting and supporting your preferred aesthetic and lifestyle. Decorative concrete floors can mimic other more expensive flooring materials with beautiful, realistic faux finishes, including marble, stone, wood, brick, and tile. Stained concrete is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform any of your floors into something extraordinary with custom, durable finishes you’ll love. Call 888-852-9244 today or go online to to find the Concrete Craft location nearest you and request a free in-home or virtual* consultation to find out how easy it is to modernize your home with new, contemporary flooring designs with very versatile decorative concrete.

*Virtual consultation may not be available at all locations.

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